Investing in AI-first companies.

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Who we are

Air Street Capital is a purpose-built partnership for founders creating AI-first technology and life science companies. We’re a team of experienced investors, engineering leaders, entrepreneurs and AI researchers from the World’s most innovative technology companies (Lyft, Google, Niantic, Graphcore, Apple, NVIDIA) and research institutions (Google AI, FAIR, DeepMind, University of Cambridge).

What we do

We work with entrepreneurs who build AI-first companies that solve problems for both enterprises and consumers. We invest as early as possible and enjoy iterating through product, market and technology strategy from day 0. Our common goal is to create enduring AI-first technology and life science companies that make a lasting impact on their markets.

In particular, we invest where we see significant market potential for:

  • Products whose value proposition is fundamentally enabled by AI technology. We’re interested in substantive problems that would otherwise be left unsolved if it weren’t for machine intelligence.
  • AI-first products that challenge the outdated technology performance and product experience of pre-AI incumbents in large categories with dissatisfied customers.
  • Products that accelerate the development, adoption and proliferation of AI-first technology across any industry.

  • We look for evidence of a well-defined product proposition that delivers a repeatable return on investment to a focused user persona and a business model that aligns with value creation.

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