A collection of our writing on the AI-first playbook

Blog posts
  • Key takeaways from the Air Street Summit: Investing in AI. Insights into AI-first startup investing, product building, selling companies, and investing in VC funds.
  • AI-first biology. We explain why the AI moment for biology is here and how AI-first biology startups can capture value.
  • 3 business personas in ML, their challenges and opportunities. In this piece, we describe three business personas that I have observed as well as their common challenges, technology stacks, talent requirements and organisational structure.
  • The case for building a full-stack machine learning company. In this piece, we make the case for operating as a “full-stack ML company” in order to maximize economic value capture.
  • 6 areas of AI and machine learning to watch closely. A popular essay on particularly noteworthy techniques that are likely to impact the future of digital products and services, why they are important and who is driving innovation for each.
  • 6 impactful applications of AI to the life sciences. In this essay, we describe what these ares are, why they are important, and how they might be applied in the real world (i.e. outside of academia or industrial research groups).

  • State of AI Report

    A comprehensive yet accessible Report that sets out to capture a snapshot of the exponential progress in AI with a focus on developments in the past 12 months. Co-authored with Ian Hogarth.

  • 2019 Edition.
  • 2018 Edition.

  • AI Newsletter

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