Investing in AI-first companies.

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Air Street portfolio companies

  • Vtrus. Autonomous indoor industrial inspection robots (USA, Seed, 2019);
  • Mission Barns. Cellular agriculture for mass-market consumption (USA, Seed, 2019);
  • ZOE. The world’s largest scientific nutrition project (UK/USA, Series A, 2019);
  • Graphcore. Semiconductors for machine intelligence (UK/USA, Growth, 2019);
  • LabGenius. AI-first discovery of protein therapeutics (UK, Series A, 2019);
  • Anagenex. AI-first discovery of novel chemical matter (USA, Seed, 2019);
  • Unannounced. AI-powered workplace safety (Turkey/USA, Seed, 2020);

  • Selected team investments prior to Air Street

  • PolyAI. The platform for conversational AI (UK, Seed, 2018);
  • Mapillary. Map data at scale from street-level imagery (Sweden, Seed, 2014 || Acquired by Facebook, 2020);
  • Ravelin. Helping online businesses grow securely (UK/USA, Seed, 2015);
  • Thought Machine. Technology to revolutionise banking (UK, Seed, 2016);
  • Tractable. AI for accident and disaster recovery (UK/USA, Series A, 2017);
  • Starship. Autonomous ground delivery robots (USA/Estonia, Seed, 2016);
  • LabGenius. AI-first discovery of protein therapeutics (UK, Seed, 2017);
  • Andela. Software engineering teams building faster, smarter (USA/Africa, Series A, 2015);
  • Stripe. The new standard in online payments (USA, Series C, 2015);
  • Jukedeck. AI-generated music (UK, Seed, 2016 || Acquired by ByteDance, 2020);
  • Optimal. Autonomous indoor farms (The Netherlands, Seed, 2017);
  • The Engineering Company. Reinventing complex hardware development (UK, Seed, 2017);
  • Numerai. A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists (US, Seed, 2016);

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